Rotary Club of Findlay

The Rotary Club of Findlay, Ohio, was founded in 1920 as the result of untiring efforts by one man, Bill Houck, the manager of the Boss Glove Mfg. Co. He made repeated trips to visit the Toledo Rotary Club and convinced them to sponsor a club in Findlay. His efforts came to fruition on March 1, 1920, when 28 community leaders met as Charter Members of the new club.

The Rotary Club of Findlay then became a member of Rotary International, an association of Rotary clubs around the world, which today numbers more than 35,000 clubs in over 200 countries.

In its first year, the Rotary Club of Findlay grew to about 50 members. Today, there are approximately 200. The Rotary Club of Findlay was founded by the city's leaders back in 1920, and continues with the leaders of today.

For more information on the history of the Rotary Club of Findlay, a book authored by Dick Daugherty is available by contacting

The Forward Fund

Rotarians have a reputation for generous giving at the international, national and local levels. "In 1991, the Board of Directors authorized the formation of a fund that would build over the years through donations and bequests money would be used as determined. The objective was to build a permanent fund which could make a substantial and lasting contribution to the local community. It established this special fund with a contribution from surplus monies of the Findlay Rotary Foundation, The Forward Fund."

There are many ways Rotarians may support the Forward Fund. An annual dues assessment of $30 per Findlay Rotary Club member began January 1, 1995 with approval by the Foundation Board and will continue until formally altered. The Forward Fund may also be supported through outright gifts, matching funds, contributions through wills, life insurance gifts, shares of stock and memorials. The Rotary Foundation, including the Forward Fund, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

Once a Rotarian has contributed $1,000 he/she is honored as a Forward Fund Fellow. Any contribution of less than $1,000 makes a Rotarian a Forward Fund Sustaining Member. Based on the dues assessment, all members of the Findlay Rotary Club are sustaining members of The Forward Fund and are encouraged to complete the $1,000 donation to become a Forward Fund Fellow.

To date, The Forward Fund has supported a number of local programs including the Children's Immunization Program at the Department of Health of Hancock County, the Hancock County Historical Museum, Hancock County Center for Safe and Healthy Children, Findlay Area Youth for Christ, Fields for All, Miracle League of Findlay, Christian Clearing House Project Happy Feet, Crime Prevention Adapt-A-Door BOOT Security System, Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Program, The Literacy Coalition of Hancock County's Dolly Parton Imagination Library, The University of Findlay Cultural Connections, Findlay Digital Academy, Raise the Bar Hancock County - The Leader in Me and Literacy + Manufacturing (Lit Man) Programs, Welcome to a New Life, Hancock Public Health 'Rotary Saving Lives' Mobile Health Clinic, Braden Kramer Foundation, Marathon Center for the Performing Arts - SPARK Series, Findlay Family YMCA - Community Swim Lessons for All and Parkinson's Program: Rock Steady Boxing, Findlay Hope House for the Homeless, and City Mission of Findlay.


Char Simons

President Elect
Scott Hohman

Immediate Past President
Matt Black

John Harrington

Robin Ridge

Chris Webb


Directors 2022-2023
Craig Burnside
Erin Poling
Precia Stuby

Directors 2023-2024
Scott Hohman
Mike Epps
Stan Kujawa

Directors 2024-2025
Leah Brant
Bill Reist
Dick Zunkiewicz

Directors 2025-2026
Angela DeBoskey
Jeff Fort
Irvin Reinhart

2022-2023 Committees

Dennis Hellmann (chair) and John Recker (vice-chair) - 50/50 Drawing
Andy Ritz (chair) and J.J. Preston (vice-chair) - Attendance/Fellowship/Greeting
Kirby Overton (chair) and Bill Life (vice-chair) - Awards
James Wellman (chair) and Jeremy Speer - Communications/PR
Scott Miller (chair) and Erin Poling (vice-chair) - Community Projects
Char Simons (President) - Forward Fund
Dick Zunkiewicz (chair) and Michael Momany (vice-chair) - Foundation/Grants
Lisa Amstutz (chair) and Carolyn Copus (vice-chair) - Fundraising
Matt Hull (chair) and Alissa Preston (vice-chair) - Golden Apple
Leah Brant (chair) and Leo Bonaparte (vice-chair) - Golden Apple Academy
John Drymon (chair) and Brandon Kelly (vice-chair) - Invocation
Brian Treece (chair) and Heather Clow (vice-chair) - Literacy
Tom Parke (chair) and Christina Muryn (vice-chair) - Membership
TBD (chair) and Chuck Stumpp (vice-chair) - MESA/International Partnership
Tricia Valasek (chair) and Angela DeBoskey (vice-chair) - Program
Sue Lehman (chair) and Tammy Stahl (vice-chair) - Scholarship
Chris Webb (chair) and Tom Drake (vice-chair) - Sergeant-at-Arms
Chris Alexander (chair) and Brent Sleasman (vice-chair) - Youth/International Youth Exchange